Richmond Barracks


The garden at Richmond Barracks is a calm green space in the middle of the city.  

It is home to a wide variety of plant and flower species, as well as two bee hives. 

Since restrictions have eased in 2021, the garden has been full of activity, with new vegetable beds being laid and prepared for the spring months.

Our wonderful Eco-Gardener in Residence, Polly Rowley-Sams, has been working with us to ensure that the garden is a healthy, biodiverse, and restful place to connect with nature.

Activities in the garden

During the pandemic, we started a series of online gardening courses, from which a group of enthusiastic gardeners was formed. Members of this group regularly tend to the new beds, and there will be eco-gardening courses running on an ongoing basis in the garden. We’re looking forward to installing a rainwater harvesting system, and as proud members of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, will be undertaking more  initiatives to ensure biodiversity is central to garden activities.

A pergoda and tent were installed in late 2021, so we can bring more of our painting, dance, writing, and family history classes together outdoors in the new year.

If you’d learn more about activities in the garden or find out you can get involved, contact us on 

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