Richmond Barracks

Children's History Workshop: Ireland During the Emergency

Join Dublin’s Historian-in-Residence for Children Dervilia Roche for this free, interactive Zoom workshop for children, exploring the history of World War II.

Discover what life was like for people living in Ireland during the war, find out how Dublin came to be bombed despite the country being ‘neutral’, and learn about the experiences of Irish people who fought in the war.

Creative Residency @ Richmond Barracks

In 2020, the Creative Residency @ Richmond Barracks appointed Dublin’s first Historian-in-Residence for Children, Dervilia Roche.

The Creative Residency programme is made by Dublin City Council Culture Company.

The Historian-in-Residence for Children Creative Residency @ Richmond Barracks is a partnership with Dublin City Council Culture Company and Dublin City Libraries.

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